Why 3VB

If you are considering applying for commercial pupillages, you may well have consulted the legal directories (The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners) to obtain a market view of 3VB and its competitors. The directories confirm 3VB’s reputation as leader in its field of commercial law, but here are our own reasons as to why you should choose 3VB.

Leader in commercial litigation: 3VB is a commercial set with a genuine depth of expertise in a broad range of practice areas. Pupils and new tenants benefit from working on high-quality, heavy-weight commercial litigation, very often with an international dimension, and involving leading solicitors’ firms in the City of London and overseas. However, 3VB is not a set that deals only with multi-million (or billion) pound claims. Although we are instructed in the most significant commercial disputes of the day, we also remain active in smaller cases in the county courts and High Court, so that pupils and new tenants have the opportunity to take on their own casework and to develop through their own cases the experience and skills necessary for a long and successful career at the Bar.

At the forefront of banking and finance: 3VB is one of the top banking and finance sets. This field of practice is at the forefront of the commercial bar, with a very considerable amount of work available, covering a broad range of disciplines. Because banking and finance are fast-moving international industries, and cases are typically worth very significant sums, the law develops quickly to keep up, and many cases go to appeal to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. To practise banking law means to practise at the cutting edge of developments in contract, restitution, insolvency, professional negligence and fraud. 3VB provides authors for several leading banking and finance publications including Paget's Law of Banking, Jack on Documentary Credits, Banking Litigation, Financial Services Law and Encyclopaedia of Banking Law.

Excellent people: 3VB's barristers are of the highest calibre. Over 70% are ranked in one or more legal directories, and both its silks and juniors are frequently nominated for and awarded industry accolades for their achievements. 3VB's pupil supervisors are selected from its group of high-achieving senior juniors, who offer top-quality expertise from which pupils can learn in a rigorous and supportive environment.

Diverse and collegiate environment: Chambers has a welcoming, diverse and informal atmosphere in its spacious accommodation overlooking Gray's Inn Walks. It is not unusual to find members of chambers in each other's rooms chewing over a difficult point of law, or going for drinks on a Friday evening after work. Pupils are invited to many Chambers events, where they have a chance to socialise with 3VB’s barristers, who come from a broad range of backgrounds, including a significant number who have worked in other careers before coming to the Bar.

Financial support: Pupils are offered a substantial pupillage award: currently fixed at £70,000 for the year 2021/22, £20,000 of which may be drawn down during the BPTC year. The self-employed nature of the Bar means that earnings thereafter cannot be predicted precisely, but we believe that new tenants at 3VB are very well rewarded by comparison with their peers at commercial solicitors’ firms, or elsewhere at the Bar. Tenants pay rent depending upon their seniority, with new tenants paying a specially reduced rate. 

Advocacy experience: During pupillage, chambers provides focused commercial advocacy exercises each term so that pupils can refine their skills before they put them into practice in court. Further, there are genuine opportunities, both in the second six months of pupillage and early on in tenancy, for pupils and new tenants to appear alone in court and gain written and oral advocacy experience. This experience and responsibility – increasingly rare in the top commercial sets - is invaluable for junior tenants developing their own practices, as it means that they keep these decision-making and oral advocacy skills fresh for the time they are ready for larger unled cases.

A very good prospect of tenancy: 3VB’s policy is to offer pupillage only to those candidates with the potential to become tenants in chambers. 3VB recruits no more pupils than there are available spaces for new tenants. Each pupil is therefore judged solely on his or her own merit; pupils do not compete against each other; they are only unsuccessful in securing tenancy if the calibre of their work by the time of the decision does not meet the high standard expected of a junior tenant at 3VB. In the last three years, 3VB has taken on eight of its nine pupils as new tenants.

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Why 3VB