Who should apply to 3VB

3VB considers applications in accordance with its pupillage policy (paragraphs 10 to 17 of the document available here). In short, the three criteria are: (1) high intellectual and analytical ability and written communication skills; (2) oral advocacy and impact; and (3) temperament, commercial sense and motivation.

First, applicants must demonstrate very strong academic abilities by their performance in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies and their other academic achievements. As a general guide an applicant will be unlikely to reach the first round without a good 2i in their undergraduate studies (as well as a good record on the GDL where applicable). In practice, successful applicants usually have a first or a Master's degree (or both). An applicant's written communication skills are also assessed when 3VB considers their Pupillage Gateway application.

Secondly, applicants must demonstrate strong oral advocacy abilities, which are often gained by experience in mooting or similar activities, such as debating, teaching or pro bono work such as the Free Representation Unit. Applicants' performance at both stages of interview is also an important factor in fulfilling this criterion.

Finally, candidates must show that they have the temperament, commercial sense and motivation to become a successful barrister at 3VB. We expect to see a commitment to and understanding of the Commercial Bar, in part by having done mini-pupillages at 3VB or at similar sets (although we appreciate that some candidates, especially non-law candidates, will have had a limited time in which to do mini-pupillages). The candidate's overall experience and personality are, of course, relevant to this criterion. 3VB and its clients, whether solicitors or lay clients, expect its barristers to be conscientious, hardworking and professional with a high standard of ethics, integrity and professional courtesy and we expect the same of our candidates at interview and during pupillage.

3VB does not usually offer 3rd Six or unfunded pupillages.

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Who should apply to 3VB