Mini-pupillages are assessed and an essential part of our recruitment procedure. We ask all candidates interested in applying to 3VB for pupillage to first apply for and complete a mini-pupillage.

Mini-pupillages provide us with an opportunity to assess your suitability for a career at the commercial bar before we invite applicants to first-round pupillage interviews. Mini-pupillages provide you with the opportunity to impress us at an early stage and to demonstrate your interest in 3VB. They also allow you to decide whether our chambers would be right for you.

Mini-pupillages last for two days. We host a cohort of mini pupils on two days of each month between October and March on the dates set out below. Mini-pupillages are essentially a short period of simulated pupillage, during which each mini pupil will sit with a barrister to observe and discuss aspects of his or her work. In addition, mini pupils spend half of the second day completing a short piece of assessed written work. The assessed written work does not require any particular preparation, and all of the relevant legal materials will be provided. 3VB also hosts a drinks party for mini pupils at the end of the second day, which provides an opportunity for mini pupils to meet each other and a range of members of chambers.

Academic requirements

Applicants for mini-pupillage should have, or expect to obtain, the academic qualifications required for full pupillage. At a minimum, this is an upper second class degree in an honours subject, not necessarily in law.

When to apply

Our preference is for candidates to apply for a mini-pupillage in the year immediately preceding their application for full pupillage. In our experience, students on the GDL find it beneficial to undertake their mini-pupillage after they have completed their first term. We will prioritise successful GDL applicants for spaces in our December, January and February sessions.

The dates on which we will host mini pupils between October 2018 and March 2019 and the deadlines for submitting applications are set out in the table below.  When applying, candidates should indicate the mini-pupillage session(s) they wish to be considered for. Applicants may specify multiple sessions provided their applications are received in time. Please note that, because of the high demand for mini-pupillages, once you have been allocated a session it will only be possible to change to another session in exceptional circumstances beyond your control.

Further, because the spaces for mini-pupils are limited, we ask that you only apply for a mini-pupillage if you are seriously interested in applying for full pupillage at 3VB.

How to apply

Applications are by way of a CV (which should include a full breakdown of all university examination results to date) and covering letter and should be sent to The Bar Standards Board requires all Chambers to monitor applicants for assessed mini-pupillage by race, disability and gender. To assist us in compiling accurate data 3VB therefore asks that you complete and submit this form when applying for a mini-pupillage with us. Please note that completion of this form is entirely optional, and omission to do so will have no effect on your application. Any information you do provide will not be seen by the barrister(s) who assess your application, but will be anonymised upon receipt and dealt with in the strictest confidence by a member of Chambers' administrative staff.

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