Providing advisory, dispute resolution and pro bono services in developed and emerging markets

Aim and Principles

The International Advisory and Dispute Resolution Unit (IADRU) has been set up to provide advisory, dispute resolution and pro bono services in developed and emerging markets. This has never been more important than in the time of Covid-19.

Our aim is to provide services for governments and their agencies, international organisations, and commercial clients. As an integral part of 3VB, the Unit’s offering includes advice, drafting services and advocacy – and we can help with other practical issues including the identification of arbitrators, consultation services for particular projects and assistance with negotiations and mediation.

The IADRU’s areas of expertise complement 3VB’s main practice areas, covering complex commercial dispute resolution with an international element across a range of industry sectors including banking and finance, energy and natural resources, major projects and technology.

Our members are committed to adding value in capacity building where a priority for clients is to develop their expertise.

Social responsibility is at the core of our outlook, and this includes pro bono. Commerce and finance know that they have to take this into account in making business decisions. But the problems can be challenging – from financial exclusion to fintech to modern slavery, and, increasingly, geo-political risk, as magnified starkly by the pandemic.

The IADRU’s focus is complementary to Goal 16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, including promoting the rule of law and access to justice.


Aim and Principles