Contractual Terms & Instructions

The default terms under which barristers at 3 Verulam Buildings will accept instructions are those defined in version 3.0 of the “General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Solicitors in Commercial Matters” agreed by the Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR) and the City of London Law Society (CLLS) (known as “the COMBAR/CLLS Terms”) on Payment Basis A.  These terms may be seen here.

The Bar’s Code of Conduct also obliges barristers to accept instructions under terms drawn up by the Bar Council, “The Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012” (known as the “Bar Council Standard Terms”). These terms may be seen here.

Some barristers at 3VB may consider variations to the Basis of the COMBAR/CLLS Terms or other terms, including conditional fee agreements.

Barristers at 3VB may be instructed by a solicitor, a qualified foreign lawyer and certain approved organisations under the Licensed Access scheme.  A number of our barristers are also able to accept instructions in certain circumstances directly from lay clients. Specific contractual terms apply to instructions under the Licensed Access and Direct Access schemes.

Our practice managers will be happy to discuss any questions relating to our barristers’ terms.

Contractual Terms & Instructions