Our Chambers

Our Chambers

3 Verulam Buildings is one of the UK’s principal sets of barristers’ chambers, with over 70 members specialising in a wide range of commercial law and practising both nationally, in other countries’ jurisdictions and internationally.   Our legal excellence and the quality of service provided to our clients are praised in the leading law directories.

Please use the People and Area of Expertise pages of our website to explore further the services we can offer and the barristers and practice managers who will provide them.

Social Responsibility

At 3VB, we believe in contributing to society, promoting justice, and supporting access to the legal profession.  Of course, many individual barristers and staff give their time, enthusiasm and money to help their own favourite causes, but Chambers itself has as part of its core values a commitment to contributing to its community.

Local community

Chambers supports St Mungo’s and Crisis UK and, through our own charity, the 3VB Charitable Trust, Chambers is pleased to assist various other projects and organisations in the local community.

Access to the Legal Profession

3VB takes part in outreach programmes with schools, promoting the profession especially to those groups of society currently under-represented.  We also fund a number of academic prizes and a substantial graduate law scholarship.


A corporate member of JUSTICE and, now, the only barristers’ chambers to be a member of The JUSTICE60;

A donor (one of only two chambers listed) to the Bingham Appeal, to establish the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

A Gold Sponsor of the National Bar Pro Bono Centre, through our continuing contributions to the Free Representation Unit and the Bar Pro Bono Unit.

A regular participant in and supporter of the London Legal Walk;

A Legal Partner of Advocates for International Development;

A major sponsor of BAILII.

Equality & Diversity

3VB is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in the workplace. We strive to ensure that the principle of fair and equal treatment is upheld in all areas of our business, including recruitment of pupils, members and staff and also in the areas of practice development of members of Chambers and promotion of staff.

We recognise the importance of having a workplace that is free from discrimination and we will not tolerate discrimination against clients, members of Chambers, pupils or staff on grounds of gender, race, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion or belief.  In particular, we believe that this will help us to recruit and retain members of Chambers and staff of the highest quality from the widest pool of talent.

Chambers has a detailed Equal & Diversity policy which is regularly reviewed. 3VB is committed to assisting all members and staff, male and female, to manage their family responsibilities and to enjoy a rewarding career in Chambers. We have comprehensive maternity & paternity policies which reflect our philosophy in this regard.

Diversity Data

We are pleased to publish, as required by the Bar’s regulatory body, the Bar Standards Board, diversity data relating to the barristers and staff in Chambers.  The latest survey was carried out in November 2015 and the resultant data is shown below.

Our Chambers