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Jonathan Mark Phillips

Call 1991; BA (Cantab)
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Jonathan Mark Phillips Jonathan Mark Phillips has a commercial practice involving both litigation and advisory work. The emphasis is on banking and financial law, together with fraud and insolvency, though he has appeared in or advised in connection with a wide range of commercial disputes. He has an established practice in the field of professional negligence.

He is experienced in domestic and international banking law including trade finance letters of credit and bills of exchange, security and priority questions, securitizations, syndicated lending, and traditional and electronic payment clearing and settlement systems.

He advises on matters of financial regulation, and has appeared for both prosecution and defence before regulatory tribunals.

He deals regularly with money laundering issues and the law relating to the proceeds of crime and has advised upon the implications of international economic sanctions.

In litigation and advisory roles he has dealt with issues of gambling law and is familiar with both the traditional and on-line gambling industries.

He has acted in relation to a large number of domestic and international frauds, frequently involving freezing and other urgent relief. He is used to working closely with insolvency practitioners and forensic accountants at an early stage. The subject matter has included fraudulent banking operations, prime bank instrument and advance fee frauds, bribery and employee frauds.

In professional indemnity cases he has acted for or against a number of professionals including accountants and auditors, surveyors, and insurance brokers. He is most frequently retained in connection with claims against solicitors and barristers. In addition to allegations of professional negligence, these have included claims upon undertakings, for wasted costs, and tort claims including deceit and conspiracy, as well as the operation of the solicitors' compensation fund. He has experience of policy and coverage issues, and of the disputes which can arise between insurer and insured, in connection with successor practices or between successive insurers, and related partnership and authority issues.

Jonathan Mark Phillips has been involved directly or indirectly with litigation in a number of other jurisdictions, notably Singapore (where he was a Pegasus scholar in 1993) and India. He is used to working for or with foreign lawyers or on behalf of overseas clients, and to co-ordinated proceedings in multiple jurisdictions.

He is co-editor of the current (28th) and previous edition of Byles on Bills of Exchange and Cheques and a contributor to Bullen Leake and Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings. His views as an author were cited with approval by the New Zealand Court of Appeal.

Chambers and Partners have listed him as a leading junior in the field of banking litigation, known for his "tenacity and effectiveness".


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